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*Your results may vary. Although Rock-B-Gone© works on any type of rock, certain rock types (i.e.. Igneous & volcanic) may require increased applications and/or exposure time. Although Rock-B-Gone© will work under any condition certain environmental factors may increase or decrease the effectiveness of Rock-B-Gone© and reduce or increase the number of required applications these include such conditions as heavy rainfall or exposure to wind or ocean waves or temperature extremes. Increased applications of Rock-B-Gone© will significantly reduce waiting time. All claims as to the success of Rock-B-Gone are made in reference to the continued use of Rock-B-Gone over a time frame expressed in geological terms. All times given in reference to Rock-B-Gone© are expressed in geological terms, in millions of years, all times and references to the passage of time and rate of time passage refer to geological time frames and are measured in millions of years. When time is expressed within these geological terms with continued use of Rock-B-Gone© you will see results almost instantly. Individual experience may vary. The manufacturers and distributors of Rock-B-Gone© cannot be held responsible for your results. We make no claim as to the effectiveness of our product, if used according to instructions you should start to see results within ten thousand years. Several factors beyond our control can adversely affect the results of Rock-B-Gone©. These include but are not limited to: global warming, pollution, heavy rainfall, freezing temperatures, UV rays, wildlife migration, heavy insect activity, continental drift, volcanic activities, forest fires, alien invasion, planetary collisions, floods of epic proportions, man made and natural explosions, drought, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and deforestation.


Please note the following disclaimer as to the content of our website, and the links found on the Rock-B-Gone© and associated sites:

    1. Neither Rock-B-Gone© nor any Rock-B-Gone© agents or representatives make any representations with respect to the contents hereof and specifically disclaim any implied or express warrants of merchantability or fitness for any particular usage, application or purpose.
    2. The material provided in Rock-B-Gone© is designed for educational and entertainment purposes only. The information in Rock-B-Gone© is provided with the understanding that Rock-B-Gone© is not engaged in rendering geological or professional services or advice.
    3. This website is for entertainment and educational purposes only. Information included in this website should not replace necessary geological consultations with a qualified geologist. Always see a geologist or rock removal professional to discuss your individual rock removal needs, or those of your loved ones.
    4. Rock-B-Gone© does not verify the information placed on any webpage on the Rock-B-Gone© website and, therefore, cannot judge the merits or lack thereof, of any offering, information, suggestions, ideas, opinions or advice.
    5. Placements on the Rock-B-Gone© wbesite– including, but not limited to information, commentaries, materials, products and services — that, in the sole judgment of Rock-B-Gone© appear to violate the Policies & Guidelines of anyone concerned shall be removed. As an example, the use of discriminatory slurs shall not be permitted.
    6. Rock-B-Gone© will not knowingly allow material related to the sale or exchange of rock removal services or products to be communicated on this website. This includes but is not limited to information, commentaries, materials, products and services that, in the sole judgment of Rock-B-Bone© appear to violate Rock-B-Gone© ‘s Guidelines. Material which violates the Guidelines shall be removed. Please review the Guidelines.
    7. Material placed in Rock-B-Gone© websites does not necessarily reflect the views of the Rock-B-Gone© management team.
    8. Materials copyrighted by Rock-B-Gone© may be downloaded by consumers for personal use only. Permission to otherwise reprint or electronically reproduce any document in part or in its entirety is expressly prohibited, unless prior written consent is obtained from the CyberSpaceKing©.
    9. The compilation of information in Rock-B-Gone©, including the design and organization of the website, is copyrighted by Rock-B-Gone© and may not be reprinted nor electronically reproduced without permission of the CyberSpaceKing©.
    10. Rock-B-Gone© shall have the right to use questions, comments and postings submitted by members in e-mails, articles, commentaries or other materials both online and offline. No compensation shall be earned, due or payable for such use.
    11. Information copyrighted or owned by any individual or entity other than the person posting shall not be posted without the consent of the owner. If such an event occurs, the individual posting the information shall be held solely responsible. Rock-B-Gone© shall not be held responsible for posted information that may violate copyright law. Persons posting messages are responsible for securing appropriate consent forms from copyright owners, prior to the posting of or uploading of copyrighted information, documents or software.
    12. Visitors are encouraged to review Rock-B-Gone© Frequently Asked Questions.
    13. By visitinging the Rock-B-Gone© website, or using the Rock-B-Gone© product you agree to hold Rock-B-Gone©, its assignees, licensees, owners, officers and directors harmless from any loss, claim or damage arising from your use of any of the product or information and ideas contained on the site, including following suggestions or advice posted on the Rock-B-Gone© website.
    © 2012 Rock-B-Gone© the CyberSpaceKing©
    Terms under which this service is provided to you
    * : Time expressed in geological terms.† Disclaimer
    Copyright © 2012.RockBGone.com Inc. All rights reserved. Please read our FAQ.
    Rock-B-Gone is a registered trademark of the CyberSpaceKing© Inc.


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